Based on the most recent week-long data, non-fungible token (NFT) sales experienced a slight decline of 1.18% from the previous week. Despite a recorded $107.05 million in NFT sales, there was a noteworthy rise of 86.71% in the number of buyers. Additionally, NFT transactions increased by a significant 34.66%.

Weekly Digital Collectible Sales Cool Off

This week, NFT sales showed a minor dip, declining by 1.18% compared to the previous week. Out of the $107.05 million in NFT transactions, a significant 61% or $65.86 million originated from the Ethereum blockchain.

Furthermore, sales of ETH-based NFTs climbed by 7.41% from the prior week. Solana trailed behind Ethereum, boasting sales of around $9.64 million, marking a 4.8% uptick.

After Solana in the NFT sales race came Polygon, posting sales of $8.41 million. Mythos followed closely with $6.30 million, trailed by Immutable X at $4.55 million, BNB Chain’s $4.46 million, Bitcoin’s $2.62 million, and Flow registering $1.46 million.

Together, these eight blockchains constituted a commanding 96.49% of this week’s total NFT sales. The past week’s top-performing NFT collection was Degods, amassing $6.59 million. Hot on its heels was Dmarket, tallying about $6.25 million, while Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) clinched the third spot with sales hitting $5.43 million.

Trailing the three leading digital collections were Gods Unchained, Draftkings, Sorare, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Wreck League, The Captainz, and Cryptopunks. Together, these top ten NFT collections contributed a substantial $38.73 million, making up 36.17% of the week’s entire sales.

In the past week, the standout sale was Autoglyph #490, clinching the top spot with a sale of $287,331 just four days ago. Following that sale was Cryptopunk #7107, fetching $114,198 on August 18, while Cryptopunk #5342 wasn’t far behind, securing $110,877 that same day.

Notably, the next two top NFT sales also featured Cryptopunks — with #3306 and #557 both crossing the $100K mark. Rounding out the top six was Fidenza #829, which commanded a price of $106,350 on August 17. In total, these six NFTs raked in an impressive $833,509.

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