After a mugshot of the 45th U.S. president, Donald Trump, was snapped at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, his NFT trading card sales skyrocketed. data shows a whopping 426% surge in Trump’s digital card sales in just 24 hours.

Trump’s Unprecedented Mugshot Sparks NFT Card Gold Rush

The saga began when Trump dodged the primary Republican debate this week and later appeared in a candid interview with Tucker Carlson on the X social platform. Subsequent to this, Trump was processed at the Fulton County Jail, facing felony charges tied to alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. This booking resulted in the unprecedented release of a mugshot of a former U.S. president.

In a dramatic turn, Trump took to X, marking his first appearance since his ban from the platform during its days as “Twitter” under Jack Dorsey. The release of the mugshot has notably buoyed the sales of Trump’s NFTs.’s records reveal that Trump’s Digital Card series amassed around $34,104 from 108 transactions in just one day — a surge of 426% from the previous day. Additionally, a week-long overview shows a rise of 208% in Trump NFT sales.

In cumulative terms, Trump’s NFTs have garnered $20.68 million from 47,552 transactions. Roughly 14,016 enthusiasts now own at least one Trump digital card, with the average ownership duration being 19 days. Of the 14,000-odd wallet holders, about 8,962 have acquired a Trump NFT, while 8,816 have offloaded theirs since the collection’s inception.

Despite facing multiple indictments, Trump is unwavering in his political aspirations, contending for a position in the forthcoming U.S. general elections. He recently voiced concerns about the current U.S. administration’s handling of the nation, cautioning about the diminishing prominence of the U.S. dollar. Financial revelations further disclose Trump’s lucrative foray into the NFT realm, pocketing approximately $2.8 million. It’s also reported that the 45th president possesses a digital wallet teeming with ethereum (ETH) worth at least $1 million.

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