It’s been a strong week for smart contract platform tokens, with the top ten performers all notching growth against the U.S. dollar. The rise ranged from ethereum’s (ETH) 4.2% jump to solana’s (SOL) 32.5% surge. The smart contract coin sector witnessed 32 crypto assets achieving double-digit percentage increases, starting with OMG’s 10.2% and scaling up to JUNO’s 110.8% escalation.

From Ethereum to Solana: Smart Contract Platforms Defy Odds

Smart contract coins have had a banner week, charting a collective market uptick of 1.6% in just the last day. As of today, November 5, these platform tokens hold a market cap of $357 billion, which accounts for 26% of the total value of the crypto economy.

Dominating this niche, ethereum (ETH) constitutes 62.18% of the market, with its own value appreciating by 4.2% this week. Close on its heels, BNB experienced a 4.9% increase. SOL, meanwhile, marked a 32.5% leap within the same timeframe.

In addition, cardano (ADA) enjoyed a 12.4% uptick versus the dollar, tron (TRX) edged up by 3.4%, and chainlink (LINK) expanded by 4.4%. Five smart contract tokens even boasted gains surpassing 35%, with juno (JUNO) skyrocketing by 110.8%. bitrock (BROCK) wasn’t far behind with a 69% gain, followed by phantasma (SOUL) with a 49.3% boost.

Multiversx (EGLD) rose by 47.4% and immutable X (IMX) also made notable strides, advancing 35.4% against the dollar. However, not all smart contract coins had a favorable week from October 29 to November 5, 2023.

Viction (VIC) stumbled with a 25.4% decrease, cypherium (CPH) receded by 14.5%, and meter governance (MTRG) slipped by 7.9%. Additional losses were seen by Concordium (CCD), canto (CANTO), chromia (CHR), and bytom (BTM), which recorded downturns between 7% and 3.1%.

Meanwhile, the top 100 smart contract crypto assets amassed $14.12 billion in day-long trades. While ETH reigns over 62% of the smart contract token economy, the leading ten smart contract coins combine to a commanding $324 billion or 90.75% of this market segment.

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