Over the 90-day stretch from August 13 to November 11, 2023, bitcoin (BTC) along with a broad array of crypto assets have posted substantial increases. Data from Google Trends in this timeframe indicates a surge in searches for “bitcoin,” “crypto,” and “ethereum,” with these terms achieving a peak popularity score of 100 by late October.

Searches for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Crypto Hit Highs in October

Recently, the allure of the three terms has grown, yet post-October has seen a decline. Global data from Google Trends over the last 90 days reveals that the interest for “crypto” hit 77 out of a potential 100 on October 24. Advancing to October 30, the interest in “crypto” climaxed, scoring a perfect 100. As of November 11, the search interest for the term is maintaining a steady pace at 58.

Searches for “crypto” gleaned from Google Trends predominantly originate from St. Helena and Nigeria, with the Netherlands not far behind. Trinidad and Tobago are also among the frontrunners, while Cyprus ranks fifth in regional interest for the term “crypto.” “Executive Order,” “Sam Bankman-Fried,” and “Ben Armstrong Bitboy Crypto” are among the related subjects frequently associated with “crypto” inquiries.

Throughout the 90 days, the search term “bitcoin” has consistently maintained a level above 34, reaching a high of 71 on August 18 and settling at 48 by October 2. The interest soared to 51 on October 20 and spiked to 100 by October 24. Yet, the fervor has since cooled, with the figures from November 11 reflecting a Google Trends score of 52, indicating a tapering of interest. Nigeria leads the global regions in “bitcoin” searches, with El Salvador trailing closely.

Brazil, Switzerland and the Netherlands round out the list, following the lead of the top two contenders. Related subjects and questions linked to “bitcoin” feature prominent terms such as “Elon Musk,” “Exchange-Traded Fund,” and “how to buy bitcoin.” Over the past 90 days, “ethereum” has consistently stayed above 31 in search interest. The term hit an 82 out of 100 on October 24. It achieved full traction with a score of 100 by October 30, but as of now, it holds a steady interest level at 55.

Google Trends indicates that “ethereum” interest is coming in strong from St. Helena and Slovenia. Switzerland, Austria, and Singapore follow the duo’s lead in terms of interest in searches related to “ethereum.” Associated subjects linked to the search term include “blockchain,” “Exchange-Traded Fund,” “Chainlink,” and “Solana.” “Ethereum ETF” is also one of the highest-ranking topics.

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